DOTS: Digital Offerings, Tangible Success: Uncover and realize your fundraising goal in a more simple and profitable way this time around. Don't waste your supporters' money by organizing a traditional product fundraiser and selling over-priced and unwanted product. Sell DOTS and make more money for your organization's worthy cause.


How does it work?

  •, a service by Adventures in Fundraising, provides a platform for organizations of every size to fundraise in a better way for their all-important causes, missions, and goals. Behind every fundraiser, a powerfully important cause or purpose drives the organizer and participants to raise money for their organization. Imagine if you could capture that goal in an image, put it online on platform, cover it in DOTS, and sell those DOTS to your interested parties to uncover your goal. That's exactly what we have done!

  • We have created a way for you to sell digital product instead of traditional physical products in your next fundraiser. Rather than selling cookies or wrapping paper, sell the DOTS to uncover your fundraiser’s goal and get more from each closed sale. We will work with you to develop DOTS that match your mission or you can choose from our standard offerings.

  • DOTS: Digital Offerings, Tangible Success

Why use

  • It Works

    Our system works because people want a powerfully effective yet easy way to show support for their organization's vision.

  • It's Simple

    Our system is super simple to use on all levels - from the organizer all the way to the buyer.

  • It's Fun

    Our system offers several options for you to better personalize your fundraiser, including participant tracking.